Monday, September 11, 2006

'Tards on a blog

Check this ratfucker out: RFJason, aka Jason Fortuny. He posted a fake BDSM ad on the Seattle Craigslist, collected all the jerks who wrote back and then posted all their emails, photos, *EVERYTHING* as-is on the page above.

This will cause loss of jobs (some were using .mil accounts, work accounts, etc.) and marriages (lots of married guys.) Granted, using work accounts for those things and sending nude pics to complete strangers has got to be the most completly stupid thing ever, but that still doesn't excuse this jerk's complete lack of caring (just check out these comments from him - he acts completely clueless.)

Seriously, WTF?

He had posted his personal info for the all the world to see and then bragged about it. But now the chickenshit has been removing this info. What a hypocrite. Just check out the loser's MySpace page. He says he likes "Pushing People's Buttons" and claims he gets away with everything he does because he "knows how the system works." Whatever. The lawsuits are already beginning. We'll see how well his system works when he spends the next 5 years paying for expensive lawyers. He'll be getting all the BDSM he wants in pound-me-in-the-ass federal prison soon enough. DIAF.

(But then again ... is this real at all? I mean, there hasn't yet been a single outside verification that any of these people that he's exposing exist? What if this whole thing is a hoax? I really can't believe that someone would be so stupid to do this for real, but I've been proved wrong before.)

But just in case, here is his current address and phone number:

Jason Fortuny
320 10th St
Kirkland, WA 98033
Telephone 425-443-1573

or perhaps

726 Kirkland Cir
Apt C203
Kirkland, WA 98033
Telephone 425-576-5417

or even

Telephone 425-486-8169

In fact, a Deondre Fortuny seemed to share that 576-5417 number for a while. Is that his mom's place? A sister or wife?

Kindly supplied by the jerk himself at
and his cached homepage at
And you can get his complete page circa 2005 from the Internet Archive

And I'll leave you with this, my readers. Eye bleach is in aisle 5.

Jason Fortuny, IT Network Admin and "Graphic Artist", pulling a Paris Hilton in his luxurious second floor walk-up apartment.


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