Tuesday, September 12, 2006

RFJason taking it in the endocrine system

The little jackass who's king of the internets has a nice sordid history laid out on his Livejournal pages...

He's had to sell his oh-so-valuable Transformers and Star Wars toys on eBay to pay his medical bills.

Speaking of medical bills, he has some sort of mysterious and undiagnosed illness with vague symptoms he keeps blabbing about, but never seems to just up and die.

He hasn't even talked to his parents in eleven years (up until a month ago.) He's on a search for his dad. His mom doesn't even know who his father is. I mean, WTF? Personally, I think this POS is such a jerk his relatives don't want anything to do with him. Hell, his fiancee dumped him back in July. Looking at his MySpace photos, he's had lots of girlfriends (I still think hes's a closeted gay ("not that there's anything wrong with that!")) but somehow none of them stick around...

He's removed his web site hosted at his house (or Comcast did it for him.) He's been purging info left and right about himself, so this is no surprise. I fully expect him to committ LJ suicide and ditch all his past mubmlings there. Fortunately, I have nice archives of them ready to go, just to make sure his asshattery never leaves the net.

I'd say this douche would never get another job after this, but apparently he's not had steady employment since 2003 or so anyhow. He's an "independent consultant" of some sort. You can read his resumé (such as it is) in the post below. Make sure you let his past employers know what luck they had in getting rid of them when they did.

Ah yes, the ass that just likes to "push people's buttons." To Jason if you ever see this:

I'm just doing it for the LULZ. <3


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, you missed some of the best ones! Check out his admission to wearing woman's panties:
with verification in the form of his Amazon wishlist!
amazon wishlist

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's some funny shit. In fact that might be the fest lulz I've gotten out of this whole sad, pathetic event.

6:00 AM  
Blogger Hari Seldon said...

That is too good. I can hardly believe this guy is for real. Based on comments from those that knew him, I guess that this jerk has been this way forever.

He's actually trying to capitalize on his "fame" by setting up a pay web site to do this sex-bating thing on an ongoing basis. That is, if the lawyers don't get him first.

He's already had to drop his home page and change his phone number (though even the new one is going to be posted soon a little bird told me.)

Suck it Jason, you little panty-wearing biatch.

12:19 AM  

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